Ewan’s First broken bone- Mother’s Day

Ewan broke his Tibia. He tripped down the step from the deck to the drive way. I was right beside him, it was an innocent fall, I’ve seen way worse. He cried for a long time and he wouldn’t stand up or put weight on his legs. But his legs weren’t swollen or bruised. We went for a bike ride in the chariot, I took him out to play at the park, and it was the same thing- refused to stand up or put any weight on it and he started crying again. So we went straight home and Kyle took him to the ER. The Doc said the Tibia is a commonly broken bone for toddlers. He is in a cast and it will take 2-3 weeks to heal. This type of break in an adult would take 12 weeks to heal, thank goodness kids heal quickly.

He was very brave and handled the pain like a champ!

The nurse held up all the colours to chose from for a cast and he picked pink!

In good spirits
The next moment he realized he couldn’t move his leg

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