Early Summer Time June 2019

The kids are forever changing and growing. They are so adorable.

Ewan’s cast came off on June 9. He was a very good sport throughout the whole experience. He was frustrated from time to time, but he handled it really well.

Eileen is doing funny facial expressions that are hilarious. She stretches her face and makes her eyes wide and then slowly moves her head. She also has funny walks, stomps and lunges. She is having a good time!

We just implemented 2 minute time outs for biting, hair pulling, hitting etc. They have to stay in the corner for 2 minutes and then apologize “say sorry” or hug their sibling. Yesterday Eileen was in a 2 minute time out and afterward we walked over to Ewan, I prompted Eileen to say sorry. Ewan came right over, very eager for his apology or hug. Eileen stared at the ground not saying anything. I kept repeating ‘say sorry”, Eileen continued to stare at the ground, Ewan excited with anticipation. Finally I said “Eileen give your brother a hug to say sorry”. As soon as I said hug Ewan lunged forward and hugged Eileen. He couldn’t wait any longer for his hug! It was soooooo cute.

The whole family went to Freezer Burn Music Festival the weekend of June 21-24. We had a blast! We pulled the kids around in the wagon visiting all the theme camps. The kids danced a little which was really cute.

Eileen and Ewan love watching The Wiggles show. First week of June we noticed that Eileen was imitating the dancers on screen…so cute. She can do the cold spaghetti/hot potato dance. This week Ewan started doing the dance. Double cuteness overload

On Canada day we went for a hike/walk at Lower Kananaskis Lake. The kids walked 4 KM.

Vocabulary is improving. A Speech and Language Pathologist came to the house and provide tips and tricks to jump start their language development. Eileen definitely has more words than Ewan, but Ewan’s imitation skills are really starting to develop.

Breastfeeding has come to a end. We stopped last weekend. The kids weren’t really interested anymore and I wasn’t going to force it (not at this age at least). We missed a couple of days during the last two weeks of June, and then we just stopped all together. It was a good run! Hopefully their immunity is strong!

We bought the kids a used bouncy castle! They love it! Eileen loves jumping. They love the outdoors, playing with bugs, water, climbing, exploring, pulling up plants, and running around.

The key to happy children and successful parenting is food- food they like!

5 thoughts on “Early Summer Time June 2019”

  1. A great post of how Eileen and Ewen are doing! Mom was asking about all of you the other day and now I have some wonderful news and photos to show het🤗😍😘

  2. Wow, they are big kids now! Very cute. Awesome that they get so many experiences with you guys. (That’s the key all the way through 😉 – food!)

  3. They are so cute! I’m glad Ewan’s cast is off and that he was such a trooper!

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