Discovering the Good News

Janet discovered that she was pregnant a couple days after she got home from Burning Man, a whole 2 weeks after conception.

We were enjoying some home brewed hopped mead in our living room and Janet was regaling me with stories from her wild experiences in Black Rock City.

I had just opened a bottle of Merlot made from dad’s grapes and Janet stopped to rummage through some of her luggage looking for something while I poured us both a glass. Next thing I knew she was coming out of the bathroom to show me something, a positive pregnancy test! Naturally, I finished that bottle of wine without Janet’s help.


Welcome to the Maclean Family Blog!

After discovering that she was pregnant in September of 2016 Janet was inspired by her cousin Allison and cousin in law Liz to start a blog to document and share the experiences of our new family so here we are.

This website is still pretty rough around the edges while we figure out exactly what we want it to do, how we want it to look, and how we want it to work. The fact that we are both new to blogging makes for a small challenge but at least I know my way around a webserver.

Stay tuned as more content will be added shortly!

Janet and Kyle Wedding