Eileen Crawls Forward and Says “Hi”

Yesterday Eileen took her first forward crawling steps.  She has been so close all week, which had led to a lot of face plants.  Over the last three weeks Eileen has been very quick to cry and hard to console.  I think she’s been really frustrated seeing Ewan crawling everywhere and not being able to join him.

This morning Kyle said “Hi Eileen” and she clearly said “Hi” back.   Could we get her to do it again? Maybe not right away, but this was definitely her first word!!  Big weekend for Eileen.

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10 months

This post is again a couple of weeks late.  The babes turned 10 months old on February 22, 2018.

New things this month: major improvements on pincher grasp and eating skills (which come hand in hand… haha).   They tried straight lemons and liked it!

We watched a lot of Olympics (especially curling).  I was #olympicobsessed

Ewan is a machine.  He is super fast at crawling and has started pulling himself up on ledges.

Both Eileen and Ewan had bad diaper rash this month, but four days in a row of bare bumming it cleared the rash right up.

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Ewan is Officially Crawling!

Ewan has been fairly mobile for the past month or so but mostly through pushing himself backwards and rolling but this past weekend Ewan crawled forward for his first time at our friends Mel and Scott’s house in Jaffray BC on January 13th. Since then he has been crawling forward every time he’s on the ground. He sees something he wants and he goes for it! He is incredibly coordinated in his movements.

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