Detailed Ultrasound

Baby A
Baby A
Baby B
Baby B

Today I had a 2 hour detailed ultrasound that went over the details of each babe’s anatomy.  All organs, limbs, fingers, toes and bones were photographed and measured.  I wasn’t given measurements and won’t have those results until my next OB appointment on January 26, 2017.  I had an OB appointment this morning immediately after the ultrasound but the OB’s office didn’t have the results yet.

Both babes are developing perfectly normal.  Baby B still has an absence of a nasal bone but this isn’t anything to be concerned about.  Sometimes they just don’t develop.  The nose will still look normal and formed, it just MIGHT be a bit squishy when pressed down on. The placentas are not low lying (this is a good thing) but one of the babe’s umbilical cord is off centre. This is common with twins, it just means they will continue to track both babes’ growth through one of the many ultrasounds I will be attending over the next 4 months.

All organs are healthy and normal.  All limbs and bones are healthy and normal.  I was able to see baby B’s digits and toes very clearly.  All 10 are accounted for.

The babes are very active and moving around, although I haven’t felt any movement yet.  This will happen within the next 4 weeks according to the OB.   I’ve gained 20 pounds since the beginning of September and my blood pressure is 128/72.  The OB is not concerned about my weight gain, apparently the increase blood volume accounts for 6 pounds alone.   She said I am about to experience rapid weight gain.


We went for a 6 week ultrasound as prescribed.

The technician worked her magic and we got to see some exciting images up on the screen and as the technician was finishing up she turned to us and said “I can tell you right now that it’s twins.”

I was speechless.

I had barely signed on for one and now there would be two? At once?!

After some time to process (and a bottle of bourbon) I couldn’t be more excited. We can’t wait to meet and get to know these babies!

We have since learned that they are dichorionic and diamniotic fraternal twins, or in other words, they have separate placentas and separate amniotic sacs and they originate from separate eggs so they are not identical. This is great news as it is the lowest risk scenario as far as multiples go.

Not only are they not identical, they are not even the same sex, we’re having a boy and a girl!

boy or girl? I can't remember which is which!
Baby A


Boy or girl?
Baby B