So I have developed preeclampsia over the last week. I knew something wasn’t right when my legs and ankles were swollen and the compression socks weren’t helping. This started on Sunday and then got better on Monday, Tuesday was ok, but Wednesday it started to get worse. Also, my BP was high again. I didn’t sleep very well last night, I was worried about my OB appointment this morning.  

My BP this morning at the OB’s office was 166/95 and I weighed 209 pounds. So in just a short week I gained 16 pounds- That’s how swollen my legs are!   

The first thing the Doctor said to me was “it’s time for your babies to come out”. The results of the weekly blood and urine tests I’ve been doing have been normal until this week. My liver and blood are good, but there has been a shift in my kidneys and there was protein in my urine. These two marker qualify me for preeclampsia. My kidneys have creatinine of 91, the Doctor said 100 is considered super risky. The risk of keeping the babies inside are stroke, seizure and renal failure. So, we agreed to an induction. The Doctor submitted the paperwork to the FMC and they are going to call us either tomorrow or Saturday (whenever they can accommodate us) with a 2 hour window to show up to start the induction. If I don’t hear from the hospital by tomorrow at 3:00pm I am supposed to call them and check in.  

The Doctor checked my cervix this morning as well. I am 2 cm dilated, my cervix is soft and I am 50% effaced. So, my cervix is actually ready for labour. She did a sweep on my membranes to help my cervix along.  
At the hospital they will break my water and put me on a low dose oxytocin (synthetic hormone to induce labour, titrating up every 30 – 60 mins)

I am ok with this medical intervention. There are some significant risks to my health if i continue to be pregnant, I can get behind that logic, as opposed to the reason for an epidural that was just a flat out “we won’t do a breech extraction without an epidural”. The induction makes sense to me. The demand for an epidural is too subjective. I am not thrilled about being induced but it needs to happen for my health and well being, that’s easy thing to get on board with. 

The Doctor also looked at the babies on the ultrasound, baby girl is still head down in a great position, but baby boy is transverse at the very top of my uterus along my ribs. She said this is actually a favourable position for him to drop head down after baby girl is born. So, let’s hope he stays that way, and the choice to take an epidural won’t be forced on me!   

Crystal Song Bowls

My friend Tenille came over and performed her crystal song bowls for Sara and I (and the babes). She performed the root chakra bowl for Ganesha while singing a mantra to remove/over come obstacles during labour and birth.  

Next she performed the heart chakra and crown chakra bowls while singing the jai ma mantra to celebrate the mother.  

It was a beautiful ceremony, and I could feel the babes kicking and moving inside me. 


April 13 OB and ultrasound appointment – 35 weeks!

OB appointment was, again, routine.  I weigh 193 pounds and my BP was 138/84. My BP spiked a bit over the last week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), but it is back to normal today. She talked about induction at 37 weeks (not my preference- I would rather the babes chose their birth date). She said more likely than not labour will progress on it’s own.  

The ultrasound appointment was fun. The technician spent time showing me where each baby, limbs, head etc are located. Baby boy’s feet and head are together in a position they call Frank Breech. He is really squished and curled in, and she is completely sprawled out. Her arms and legs were stretched out and her feet are all way up at my rib. Apparently my uterus is huge!! It is 9 inches above my belly button, all the way down to my hips and up to my ribs. Baby boy was practice breathing, and you could see baby girl has hair, it was flowing in the amniotic fluid!!!Baby Girl’s HR was 143 and she weighs 5 pounds and 3 ounces. Baby Boy’s heart rate was 125 and he weighs 4 pounds 12 ounces. Below is a chart of their development. Baby B’s biparietal diameter is below the average on this chart, but the Doctor at the ultrasound clinic said it is most likely due to his head being squished and the technician not being able to get a proper measurement.

Babies need to be over 5 pounds and over 36 week gestational age to not spend time in the NICU (assuming everything is fine when they are born). I am fully confident we will reach these benchmarks. 
The two photos from the ultrasound are of their faces (blob 1 and blob 2). I asked for photos of body parts (spine, hands, feet, legs) but I guess they thought blurry pictures of faces are better, they are attached for your viewing pleasure. 


April 6 OB appointment – 34 weeks

34 weeks and counting!!!  The OB appointment was pretty routine.  I weighed 189 pounds, my BP was 127/89.  My BP measurements at home have levelled out, which is great.  We continued to talk about labouring/birth choices with the Doctor so we have a better understanding of what to expect on the big day and so we are more informed.  

My belly measures 42 inches around. ?


March 30 OB and Ultrasound appointment- 33 weeks

My blood pressure is steady at around 140/86 over the last week. No medication at this time. I actually lost weight over the last week, weighing in at 186 pounds, but again, the Doc doesn’t seem concerned. 
She checked my cervix which, in her opinion hasn’t changed in length, but is a bit more dilated at the top. She said she could feel baby girls head! Ahhh how weird is that?! 
She informed us they will not deliver a breech twin naturally. Baby B is breech. So they will either recommend a vaginal extraction (to which they require the labouring women to have an epidural) or a c-section. So epidural it is. C-section is low on our list of birth preferences. It is an invasive procedure with a large recovery time that is not to be entered into lightly. I am hoping they will let me deliver baby A naturally first before they administer the epidural. We will continue to discuss our options with our Doc. In the meantime I am going to try and spin baby B to be head down- there are at home methods for spinning a baby, but they are less effective at this gestational age.

The ultrasound appointment was uneventful (compared to last appointment).
Baby girl’s heart rate is 147 and she weighs 4 pounds and 4 ounces.   

Baby boy’s heart rate is 136 and he weighs 3 pounds 14 ounces.   


OB appointment March 23 – 32 weeks

OB appointment March 23I had my OB appointment on March 23, and I am officially off work- doctor's orders. I now have weekly OB appointments, and lab tests (blood and urine) to monitor kidney and liver function and protein in my urine. I also have to take my BP 3-4 times a day (this is my new full time job). There is a very good possibility I will start BP meds this week. 

I weighed 188 pounds at my appointment, which is the same as two weeks ago, but no one seemed concerned about it (and I definitely know my belly is growing!).  

The Doctor performed a cervical examination and determined my cervix was tilted towards the back and appropriate 2 cm long and maybe a tight 1 cm dilated. This is a positive change and does not indicate preterm labour. She said the cervix is like an accordion and can frequently change length. 
The ultrasound showed the boy babe practice breathing and the girl babe was facing my spine head down with her chin tucked in- the perfect birthing position.  She's on it! 

I still feel good and there is lots of movement from the babes.  

Kyle and I had a productive weekend clearing out the garage and purging the house. It feels good to get rid of clutter 😀.

Blessing Way

Today my friends and family (mom and Diana) came together to commemorate my rite of passage to motherhood in a celebration called a blessing way.  This is in lieu of a baby shower.  At a Blessing Way the only thing people bring is love and food, food for our freezer or for the celebration. 

My belly was painted with hena and everyone brought a personalized  bead or ornaments to create a dream catcher for the kids room.  People also brought words of wisdom to share and love.  All the guests received a candle to light when I go into labour to symbolize our connection and support for me through labour. 

I also got a foot bath and foot/calf massage ?

My friend Tenille was supposed to lead a crystal song bowl ceremony but her van brought down on the way here and she couldn’t make it in time.  Her presence was very much missed.

The blessing way was awesome and beautiful! Thank you to my friends and family for all their loving support ????

OB appointment March 9 – 30 weeks

I weighed in at 188 pounds.  My blood pressure continues to be a concern and I will continue to monitor it at home.  High blood pressure is very common with twins in the 3rd trimester.  I started to experience swelling in the calfs and feet and was recommended to see a compression sock expert (my shoes/boots did not fit- I was wearing sandals in this -20C weather).  I was fitted for a pair of (extremely) expensive thigh high socks, but my feets and legs showed immediate improvement. Apparently there can be significant future health complications if swelling is left untreated, so I am glad I went.  I am not able to put the socks on myself so Kyle has been helping me (they even gave us special gloves to get the socks on- it's quite funny!).  Kyle has been taking excellent care of me, the babes and the animals.

the OB told me I am handling the twins pregnancy really well.


Ultrasound March 2, 2017 – 29 weeks

This is a picture of Baby boy spinal column (his face was towards my spine and the technician couldn't get a good profile picture- so I asked for a picture of the spine, I like how defined it is).  The other picture is of the baby girl head on, it's hard to make out the features though!

Baby girl is 2 pounds 12 ounces with HR of 136

Baby boy is 2 pounds 8 ounces with a HR of 131.  He has moved back to the breech position (head up and feet down).

Everything is on track with growth and development

My blood pressure continues to be high and I broke down and bought a home BP monitoring cuff.  I will start taking my BP 3 times a day and give Dr. Baranowski (OB) my readings at our next appointment.

My belly is measuring at 42 inches today!! Woah!