We Got a Little Snow

Calgary got walloped over the weekend with a steady stream of snow and bitter cold that was capped off on Sunday night with a big dump of snow with temperatures hovering around -28C. Thankfully the snow stopped when it did as I was starting to run out of places to put it.

I know that a lot of western Canada was hit pretty hard this weekend and that some places got it a lot worse (or better?) than we did but it was still a pretty noteworthy event for Calgary. The good news is that it’s predicted to be +8C by the end of the week.

Snowy front yard
Snowy front yard
Snowy driveway
Snowy (long) driveway
Frosty Kyle
Frosty Kyle

Author: Kyle Maclean

IT Guy during the week, hunter, mountain biker, and snowboarder on the weekends. I was born and raised in Calgary and attended the U of C where I completed a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. Shortly after graduating I got a job with Calgary Alternative Support Services as a Systems Analyst and I've been there ever since.

2 thoughts on “We Got a Little Snow”

  1. Brrrrr!!! That sounds kind of miserable! We got a lot of snow (for the island), but were able to play outside lots because it was only -2, so we didn’t go too stir crazy.

    1. I don’t mind the extreme cold unless it drags on for weeks which is rare for Calgary with our chinooks, but Janet hates the cold even if it is short lived. It doesn’t help that this pregnancy has resulted in Janet perpetually feeling cold.

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