Ewan is Officially Crawling!

Ewan has been fairly mobile for the past month or so but mostly through pushing himself backwards and rolling but this past weekend Ewan crawled forward for his first time at our friends Mel and Scott’s house in Jaffray BC on January 13th. Since then he has been crawling forward every time he’s on the ground. He sees something he wants and he goes for it! He is incredibly coordinated in his movements.

Videos after the break

The first video is literally his very first forward crawl, the second video was taken just a few days later back at home.

6 thoughts on “Ewan is Officially Crawling!”

  1. Nice! Looks like he is looking for any items (food) that Eileen may have dropped (ha ha) . He does like his food 🙂

  2. Ewan is sooooo strong!! look at him go! How is Eileen doing in the mobility department! By the way, youir deep sea videos of the sea lions is remarkable! Good for you ! How long were you down there for – a little chilly I bet!

    1. Eileen is very content to lay on her back. She has started rolling on to her stomach a little bit more and she is getting a little bit better at rolling from her stomach on to her back. She’s definitely not very mobile yet though and doesn’t seem too fussed by it. Janet’s been saying from very early on that she thinks Ewan will be very mobile and Eileen will be very verbal and that Eileen will just tell Ewan to go get her stuff. So far though what seems to be happening is that Ewan crawls up to Eileen and takes whatever she is playing with.

      The diving was great and the sea lions were lots of fun. I think we were down for around 40 minutes for the sea lion dive and 30 minutes for the wreck dive (you use more air at greater depths). I’m a pig when it comes to air so my dives tend to be on the shorter side. Believe it or not, the water seems to be coldest near the surface, and of course getting out of the cold water and into the cold wind can definitely be a bit chilly. We actually had snow accumulating on our dive gear in the boat! All said though it was definitely worth it. The best things in life often come with a little discomfort in my experience.

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