April 13 OB and ultrasound appointment – 35 weeks!

OB appointment was, again, routine.  I weigh 193 pounds and my BP was 138/84. My BP spiked a bit over the last week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), but it is back to normal today. She talked about induction at 37 weeks (not my preference- I would rather the babes chose their birth date). She said more likely than not labour will progress on it’s own.  

The ultrasound appointment was fun. The technician spent time showing me where each baby, limbs, head etc are located. Baby boy’s feet and head are together in a position they call Frank Breech. He is really squished and curled in, and she is completely sprawled out. Her arms and legs were stretched out and her feet are all way up at my rib. Apparently my uterus is huge!! It is 9 inches above my belly button, all the way down to my hips and up to my ribs. Baby boy was practice breathing, and you could see baby girl has hair, it was flowing in the amniotic fluid!!!Baby Girl’s HR was 143 and she weighs 5 pounds and 3 ounces. Baby Boy’s heart rate was 125 and he weighs 4 pounds 12 ounces. Below is a chart of their development. Baby B’s biparietal diameter is below the average on this chart, but the Doctor at the ultrasound clinic said it is most likely due to his head being squished and the technician not being able to get a proper measurement.

Babies need to be over 5 pounds and over 36 week gestational age to not spend time in the NICU (assuming everything is fine when they are born). I am fully confident we will reach these benchmarks. 
The two photos from the ultrasound are of their faces (blob 1 and blob 2). I asked for photos of body parts (spine, hands, feet, legs) but I guess they thought blurry pictures of faces are better, they are attached for your viewing pleasure. 


4 thoughts on “April 13 OB and ultrasound appointment – 35 weeks!”

  1. Jan, this is the most incredible thing ever! I love reading the updates. Thanks for sharing. xo

  2. 35 Weeks! How exciting 🙂 hope you are not getting too uncomfortable!! You still look so awesome and I hope the babies hold off wanting to be born for another couple of weeks to ensure the weights are both fine. Glad to hear the BP has dropped a bit.

    1. Thanks mom! Love you!! I am definitely starting to feel the extra weight, getting in and out of bed is difficult lol!

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