15 months!

The twins are 15 months old today!

Today both Eileen and Ewan independently ate yogurt and oats from a bowl with a spoon!  They couldn’t finish the entire serving by themselves, but we’re pretty excited since we’ve been working on this skills for months.

They are both walking (Eileen much better than Ewan).  They started putting  building blocks together.  Elieen has put her feet into our shoes (cute!).  They are piecing together the world.  They are great climbers.  Eileen is fearless and Ewan is sensible (he turns around to climb downstairs and Eileen just goes head first and rolls).

They have started crying when things don’t go their way. Ewan’s cry is very high pitched.   Ewan has started reacting in a fearful way to things unknown (big helium balloon of a unicorn, cartoon dogs on the TV, loud noises outside).  His lip quivers and he starts crying.

They have been sleeping for 12 hours at a time.  They naturally decided to drop the late night breastfeed.  I dropped one of the daytime breastfeeds when I returned to work.  So now we just breastfeed 3 times a day and supplement with homo milk.

Eileen really likes sitting on chairs, laps, steps etc.

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  1. Thanks for the updates and photos of the twins Janet! They are sooooo cute!

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