16 Months and counting

The twins are 16 months old and counting.

They love walking everywhere!  Eileen likes to bring you things (toys, tissue, leaves, pinecones etc) and then take them back.  Ewan has been sucking his thumb more lately and rubbing the sleeve of his shirt with his other thumb and pointer finger.  It’s adorable!

They love spending time at the park exploring the grassy fields and climbing on the play equipment.

Their spoon skills are really improving, they can basically eat a bowl of yogurt on their own (they need help with the last few spoonfuls).

They are really into books and putting blocks together.  Eileen climbs into my lap, turns herself around, sits down and hands me a book to read.

Ewan  has a great smile!

Eileen loves playing peekaboo by covering her face with her hands while we ask ‘where’d Eileen go??’ And Ewan watches with this look on his face saying ‘she’s right there’.

They both like climbing on and off the fireplace. They both have new bumps and bruises daily.

Today we hiked Johnston Canyon.

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  1. Thanks for the update!! Eileen and Ewan are growing so fast – hard to believe it was a whole year ago since you were all here. Mom LOVES hearing all about you and seeeing the photos. Keep them coming!

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