17 months

Over the summer I felt like time was going really slow, now It feels fast.

We took them to a one day music festival in Calgary on September 8 called Circle.  They had a great time walking everywhere and exploring everything.  Eileen wiped out and skinned her knee for the first time. Poor girl!

I took the twins out for brunch (by myself- Kyle was working) on Sunday September 9.  We went to a local micro brewery in Highland Park, the neighbourhood directly east of ours.  I got a flight of beer, a breakfast sandwich and a growler to go.  I ordered the twins scrambled eggs and toast.  They only had plastic forks, neither of them had ever used a fork before.  Ewan immediately started forking eggs into his mouth.  So, I bought some children forks for the house and they are both great at forking food!  Such smart children!  Both of their spooning skills are great, although lately Ewan ditches his spoon to use his fingers.

They love walking around the house carrying things from one room to another.   Eileen does this funny slow motion skater stride with bent knees while sticking her belly out.  She almost looks bored, lol.  Ewan walks with his hands behind his back with an inquisitive face.  He also loves being chased.  They also love the push/walking toys with wheels, they zoom around the house.  Eileen has been very cuddly lately.  She raises her arms to be picked up and once in your arms she rests her head on your shoulder.   She is still very interested in books and hardware.  Her hair is starting to fill out in the back, but it is very wispy on the top.  She still has this stink face where she furrows her brow and looks either up or sideways.  I was actually able to catch the look on camera last night.   Ewan is so happy, always smiling and gleeful, he has the lust for life.   They are great at cleaning up their toys at the end of the day.

They can both reach the counter and grab things on the edge, so toddler proofing just got a little harder!    They are both consistently sleeping for 12 hours at night.  We have switched to one nap a day.  Although the transition was/is all over the place.  A week after the transition they got sick so we decided to let them nap twice a day if they were acting tired (sleep fights sickness).   Then we had about 10 days of successful once a day napping, but last week they went 2 days in a row without napping.  So we are still working on a solid routine/schedule.   In my opinion the twins are pretty flexible.

So tired he fell asleep after lunch- he is also sick

Still no meaningful words… I am waiting for full sentences!  Lots of babbling and GAAA!   We were at a big green space (Egert’s Park) in the beginning of September.  They were both running/wandering around.  Eileen loudly said GAA and about 50 feet away Ewan turned around and responded, and they continued to talk back and forth for a couple of rounds.  They definitely communicate with each other.

Wearing their birthday Ugg boots from Aunt Peggy and Aunt Di for the first time!

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  1. Wonderful updates! Their personalities really shine through in the photos and I love your descriptions of them. Also they look very fashionable in their boots!

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