Eileen loves daycare, she absolutely loves it.  Everyday I can pick them up she runs away from me saying ‘no’.  Ewan enjoys daycare too, but he is ready to leave when I arrive .
Daycare has told me multiple times that Eileen likes to help clean up the dishes after lunch!
Today a girl kissed Ewan on the cheek when he was leaving!! First kiss ? lol!!
Eileen still loves to dance and jerks her head, shoulders and hips around.  Ewan points at stuff with his pointer finger and thumb making a L shape, while making sounds like ‘ahhhhh’.  It’s so cute, and I’ve been trying to catch it on video without success for months!
Ewan is biting Eileen less, but now he pulls out fists full of her hair ☹️ poor girl!
About a week ago Ewan started copying Eileen.  She stands up, he stands up, she tilts her, he tilts his head.  It doesn’t seem like a game, more interest and admiration for his sister. 

he’s a little man, rocking his Vancouver Island T-shirt- thanks Watt family!!
Hand me down Thailand T-shirt from Auntie Heather and Uncle Peter ?

Sorry Eileen- I don’t have any new photo of you, lots of videos though!

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  1. Great shots and update of the twins! Thannks ! I showed their great grandma yesterday and she was thrilled. She is curious about how you are handling the biting and hair pulling. xo

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