Pandemic Living

Much like the last 3 and half years of our lives, the pandemic has been a wild ride.

Some photos from our family photography session

I’ve been baking with a sourdough starter for the last 4 years, but during the pandemic, I found a real passion for all varieties of baking. I’ve been baking pies (thanks for the pastry lessons Grandma Martin!!), cakes (cheese, sponge, upside down), buns, rolls, specialty bread, naan, pitas, cookies, bars, scones, muffins, cupcakes, etc. The twins wake up on the weekend and say to me “what you making today?”. I think a big part of the joy comes from watching their excited anticipation and enjoyment while eating. I also love making something sensational out of just a collection of ingredients. I find baking a perfect balance between science and art. These past few months I have been honing my pie/pastry making skills, and in December, I am going to tackle French pastry (think bourbon cream puffs and peanut butter eclairs).

Kyle turned 40 in October and I had the pleasure of making him a feast- hot and sour soup, ginger “beef” venison, Szechwan prawns, and of course, cake (triple layered blue berry lemon with cream cheese icing)!

Running with our younger dog (Luna) has been a big part of my pandemic life. Running calms my mind, grounds my soul, and works my body. I have actually managed to lose some weight (yes, even with all the baking mentioned above…). This summer I also fell in love with golfing and started doing yoga again. I joined a Wednesday night ladies golf league, we had a fabulous time, it really filled my bucket.

I think one of the more precious aspects of the pandemic is the intimate family time- just us. The pandemic has provided a memorable timeline for our children’s development (pre-pandemic, pandemic, and one day, dare I say, post pandemic). Ewan has had a huge language leap (before the pandemic he only spoke in single words, now full sentences). Every day for a week straight, Ewan woke me up singing the lyrics “Miss Mommy Miss Mommy, I love you I love you” to the tune of Farah Jacques, is there anything sweeter? Yes, he calls me Miss Mommy. He calls Kyle Miss Daddy. Eileen and Ewan are engaging in more cooperative and imaginative play, which is so fun to watch … until it turns into unmanageable, wild animal kingdom monkey business. Lately, they have been going “deer hunting” and making “mommy elk noises”.

One morning in October Eileen and Ewan got up at 5:00 am, we were both too tired to get up with them, so we let them play unattended. Well, they opened the freezer ate 4 chocolate cupcakes with icing and a tub of vanilla ice cream.

Last week Ewan wiped his own bum for the first time ever!! I remember at the beginning of the pandemic going potty was a family affair!

Last week when they saw the Amazon delivery guy they yelled ‘Santa’, not because he was delivering parcels, but because he has a long white/grey beard. I don’t know why, but I found this absolutely entertaining, the metaphor is too perfect, the delivery guy was definitely less than impressed though.

Ewan got a very stylish hair cut in September, he was so thrilled.  He decisively picked the hair style himself. 

We spent Thanksgiving at the vineyard harvesting grapes and celebrating each other. Cousin Bowen turned 5, and we had a party!

They dressed as ghosts for Halloween, and had a blast!! So much candy! Eileen’s pumpkin is on the right and Ewan’s on the left.

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  1. Oh thank you Janet!!! I LOVE your blogs – so filled with news and fab photos of your two gorgeous children!! I can’t tell you how much Kyle looks like his dad when he was that age!!! Thanks again and I hope to be able to show this to Oma after she is out of lockdown, HOPEFULLY, after two weeks!

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