One Year!!

Moms: Janet, Heather and Gina Babies: Ewan, Eileen, Bryce, George and Madelyn


Wow, one year!  I am trying to remember all the good times but it’s so hard.  Everything was such a blur in the beginning.  This has been the best year of my life.  I am just so grateful, words cannot express.

Ewan started making kissing noises to Kyle and I, especially when we are kissing his head.  He is so sweet and full of expression.  He loves to climb and smack objects together, make noise, zoom around the house and cuddle.  Ewan joined Sara and I in laughter during our conversation a couple of weeks ago, it was really cute.

Eileen is crawling from room to room and taking her time exploring every detail along the way.  The first thing she did when she was in the kitchen was open a cabinet drawer.  Ewan has been crawling for months and only once came close to discovering that the drawers open.  Eileen was very sick this month with a high fever lasting 4 days.  Thanks to Grandpa Maclean for all the medical advice and talking us through it. The highest her fever got was 39.6, which was scary.  Eileen handled it like a champ though.

Ewan crawls circles around Eileen.  They are like the tortoise and the hare. Eileen is a lot happier now that she is mobile.  She laughs out loud while crawling forward.

Sara lent us a walking toy that helps kids learn to walk.  Immediately Ewan pulled himself up and started walking with the toy.  He picks up new skills extremely easily.  He learned how to drink from a straw and eat from a snack pack in a day.  Eileen isn’t as quick to learn,  it takes her time to figure things out.

They are sleeping through the night about half the time.  Hopefully this increases as I am preparing to return to work.   Eileen was having troubles falling asleep this past week, she isn’t crying, in fact she is laughing and rolling around her crib.  She has been laughing a lot lately.  Just expression of pure joy!  She’s been laughing in her crib while Ewan is crying in his crib.  Ewan has three more teeth along his top gums.

A couple times this month Ewan crawled over to Eileen and pushed her chest knocking her over.  It seemed very deliberate.  Eileen continues to poke Ewan in the eye with her pointer finger, especially when breastfeeding.  It’s so cute to watch her raise her hand with her finger already pointing out towards his eye.  Ewan often breastfeeds with his hand over his eye for protection, so now Eileen is poking him in the ear.

Diana and I flew to Courtenay with Eileen and Ewan to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Shivas’ belated 40 wedding anniversary.  It was a very quick 46 hour trip, but worth it!   During the trip Eileen and Ewan picked up a head cold and then shared it with Kyle and I.  We also met Heather’s new baby boy, Bryce, and Gina’s twins George and Madelyn.

On Sunday we celebrated Eileen and Ewan’s 1st birthday.  Kyle made a banana cake with yogurt and peanut butter icing, and they opened gifts. All the grandparents, auntie Diana and Jeremy attended the party.

Plane ride home from the Island

Easter Monday at the McEwen’s house
Baby Bryce-1 month old


4 thoughts on “One Year!!”

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated with the twins’ progress! Great photos and I love the news on how each of them are developing their personalities.

  2. Wonderful updates! You’ll treasure these so much one day. Time goes by so quickly. The details you share are so awesome. They make me smile and laugh out loud. Happy 1st bday!

  3. I’m not sure how I missed commenting on this…happy (belated) birthday babies! They look so cute in their fancy outfits!

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