Oh Eileen!

I feel like I missed a bunch of stuff about Eileen in my previous post, so here’s a post just for our sweet baby girl!

She is very ticklish! She is ticklish on her belly, armpit, behind the knees and her chin!! She laughs loudly and  uncontrollably.

She likes to mess up all the food on her tray, unless there is something she doesn’t like, she will keep those items in a pile and push them to the edge of her tray.  Right now she doesn’t like mangos, tomatoes, carrots, oranges and sweet potatoes- all orange/red things.

She is obsessed with zippers, buttons, snaps, and any shinny hardware (buckles, screws and nails). She needs to thoroughly investigate these things with her pointer finger.

She likes to point at all the faces in the story books we read, especially the eyeballs.

She lifts the letters out of the foam floor mats, and when I put the letters back she gives me a disapproving look and lifts them up again.

She is such a good sleeper and a serious chatter box! If I don’t pick her up from her crib right away she rolls over and goes back to sleep.  Ga Ga is her new favourite consonant sound to make.  A couple times she has mimicked what we are saying.

Diaper changes have become very hard because she doesn’t like to lie on her back anymore, so she rolls over and sits up.

When she gets really excited she thrashes her limbs and body around.  In bed she will face plant into the mattress and start laughing.

She’s such a sweetheart.  She is really calm and patient but full of life and energy at the same time



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