Vancouver Island August 2018

We just got back from a two week trip to Vancouver Island where we spent most of our time at the Shivas fishing cabin.

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Janet Eileen & Ewan Overlooking Nootka Sound
Janet Eileen & Ewan Overlooking Nootka Sound
Shivas Cabin with Low Cloud
Shivas cabin with low cloud
Heading out fishing
Heading out fishing

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Babies’ First Burn!

Last weekend the twins turned 14 months old and we took them to the Alberta Regional Burning Man Festival – Freezer Burn. We went with our good friends Sara P and Levi and their daughters Piper and Lennox where we built our annual contribution; Camp Faerie Tribe and served our legendary home made soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Our soup this year was fire roasted tomato and basil soup with roasted garlic and caramelized onions. The theme for this year’s Freezer Burn was Fighter Jets vs Laser Sharks and Camp Faerie Tribe was on team Laser Shark.

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Baby Feeding Frenzy Upon Arrival
Baby Feeding Frenzy Upon Arrival

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Grandpa Maclean and Grandma Martin’s 70th Birthday Party in the Okanagan

We flew out for a super quick visit to Kaleden in order celebrate grandpa Maclean and grandma Martin’s joint 70th birthday party along with friends Yvonne and David.

The party itself was lots of fun with excellent food, wine and dancing in the historic 1912 restaurant in Kaleden.

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Grandpa Maclean and Grandma Martin 70th birthday
Grandpa Maclean and Grandma Martin 70th birthday

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13 months!

13 months! This month both Eileen and Ewan started clapping their hands (Eileen started first!).  And Eileen will give you a high five and Ewan waves.

Ewan is really into putting stuff in baskets and dropping stuff behind his head.

Eileen loves to turn the pages of books, Ewan still mostly likes to shut books.

They have been enjoying the swing set at the local park and playing outside.

Our nanny, Tiannah, is great with the twins, which definitely makes being at work easier.

Life is good!

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Ewan my sweet gentleman!!

Ewan dances all the time!  He puts his hands in the air and moves his head around.  He can’t walk, but he can dance!! I will sing to him while changing his diaper and he moves his arms around dancing and scrunches his face.  So adorable.

Ewan is crawling up and over things and started lowering himself on to a bent knee instead of doing the splits.  He is W sitting a little bit less these days.

He is pulling himself up using the wall and walking along it.  Once he pulled himself up grabbing ahold of Luna’s fur, to which Luna did not mind.  Out of all the animals Mika has surprisingly been the least trustworthy with the babies.  She growls and shows her teeth if they come too close.

Ewan loves petting Polly’s soft fur (with supervision of course!).  He is a very good eater, he works on each pile of food one at a time.  He pretty much likes all food.

He’s been sticking his tongue out and moving it around lately while making noise…. also adorable!

He is my sweet little gentleman, cuddly and full of expression!